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Scotch Thistle Historical Research Services

Historical research in Scotland can be time-consuming and difficult without specialist knowledge, or the ability to travel to the locations where records are kept.

Sonia Baker specialises in the exploration of both public and privately-held archives that cover a wide range of topics and historical periods from 1700 onward. She will make your task faster, smoother and easier.

She has many years of experience of searching the records held in the main archival collections in Edinburgh, which contain material of relevance to all regions of Scotland. These archives include: the National Records of Scotland (NRS), the National Library of Scotland (NLS), the University of Edinburgh Library (UEL) and the National Museum of Scotland (NMS). She has undertaken research in private archives elsewhere in Scotland.

Gardenstown Harbour, Mory Firth, Scotland. Historical research with Scotch Thistle Research.
The planned fishing village of Gardenstown, on the Moray Firth, was founded in 1720 by Alexander Garden, 2nd Laird of Troup.

‘I specialise in producing specific history, accurately researched and written up in a readable style.’

Are you unable to come to Scotland to do your own historical research? From its base near Edinburgh, Scotch Thistle Research can access, transcribe, and interpret the gamut of Edinburgh’s world-class archival collections on your behalf. If collections elsewhere in Scotland hold documents of interest to you, those too can be examined.

Are you flummoxed about where to start with your own Scottish history research? Scotch Thistle Research will guide you through the various options.

Are you unable, for whatever reason, to draw your own historical research together into a coherent and lucid form? Scotch Thistle Research has extensive experience of weaving together disparate threads of historical research into a useable narrative. Let us help you with this.

Are you unsure how to prioritise your selections from an online list of archival material you have identified as being of potential interest? While some collections' archivists are able to respond briefly to enquiries by email, Scotch Thistle Research can examine the documents on your behalf, thus helping you to further identify those which will be most useful.

Are you an organisation in need of specific historical research to be carried out for a particular project or exhibition? Scotch Thistle Research provides an all-round service that can do all, or part, of this for you.

What does Scotch Thistle Research not do? While genealogical information might arise during the course of the research, we do not provide a genealogy-specific service. Nor do we offer translations from Latin or Secretary Hand, BUT we know plenty of people who do, and are happy to advise and answer questions by email.

Got a thorny research problem? Look no further! Consult Sonia at Scotch Thistle Research.

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